Air Exchange Systems for Albany, Queensbury & the Adirondacks

Is your home full of stale air? When air sits in an enclosed space for too long, it traps indoor toxins like dust, gasses, bacteria, and mold. If you’re not refreshing the air in your home, you could be breathing these toxins in. That’s where an air exchange system comes into place.

Inadequate ventilation is especially common in older buildings, and due to the older age of buildings that in the Albany, Clifton Park, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George, and Plattsburgh areas, it’s important you install an air exchanger to make sure you’re breathing clean healthy air. (Is your home at risk? Sign yourself up for an indoor air quality test!)

What is an Air Exchanger? How Does it Work?

Think of an air exchanger like your lungs; just like your lungs bring in new air and expel harmful toxins from your body, air exchange systems work by circulating out the old, stale indoor air of your home and bringing in fresh air from outside.

These air exchange systems are incredibly intuitive, monitoring the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and bringing in the required air replacement to compensate. Air exchangers add 5% to 10% more fresh air every hour, reducing the concentration of airborne contaminants in YOUR home.

3 Benefits of Installing an Air Exchange System in Your Home

1. Prevent Against Allergies

As most allergens are airborne, air exchangers filter out dust, mold, pollen, and dander particles in the air, reducing the number of allergens in the air.

2. Reduce the Moisture in Your Home

Humidity plays a big part in indoor air quality. If your air is damp or humid, it can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Air exchangers draw out humid air for clean dry air.

3. Say Goodbye to Odors

When air exchange systems remove old air, they remove bad smells as well! Air exchange systems create an odor-free environment the most sensitive nose will appreciate.

Rid Your Home of Stale Air with an Air Exchanger Today!

Adirondack Healthy Home has helped numerous families in the Albany, Hudson Valley, and Adirondack areas improve their indoor air quality. We proudly install quality air exchange systems for residential and commercial customers in Albany, Clifton Park, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George, Plattsburgh and other nearby areas.