Crawl Space EncapsulationYour crawl space is one of the areas in your home you may not pay too much attention to, but as indoor air quality experts, we know that this tiny space in your home can cause a host of problems to the air you breathe every day.

Installing a crawl space vapor barrier (other wise known as crawl space encapsulation) is the best way to protect your crawl space and your home’s air quality, especially when you live in a humid climate like the Albany and Queensbury areas. But how do you know the signs you need one ASAP? We’ve broken down the top warning signs that you need a crawl space vapor barrier below.

Five Signs You Need A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

If any of the below are happening in your house, it’s time you consider crawl space encapsulation:

1. You’ve Got Standing Water or Water Damage

The most obvious sign that you’ve got a moisture problem in your crawl space is if there’s water collecting on the floor. The lesser obvious (and harder to detect unless you’re regularly inspecting the inside of your crawl space) is if there’s damage to the HVAC units (rust and condensation) or damage to the ceiling (wood rot).

2. Your Crawl Space Smells

If you can’t figure out the stale and foul odor floating around your home, there’s a good chance it’s coming from your crawl space. Without a barrier to , your crawl space takes on odorous gasses from the ground and mold or mildew growing in your moist crawl space. Your home circulates air from the crawl space, so unless you tackle the problem at hand, it’s going to be impossible to escape.

3. Your Energy Bill is Through the Roof

Encapsulating your crawl space may actually save you money in the long run. If the humidity level of your home is increased (which happens when your crawl space is moisture than it should be), then your air conditioner or furnace is working overtime to compensate for the extra humidity. This additional compensation means more energy is being used, leading to a higher utility bill.

4. You’ve Got Pest Control Problems

Mickey and Minnie are fun to watch on the television screen, not so much scurrying around your home. Crawl space encapsulation helps prevent against pets in two ways:

  • Pests love and thrive in moisture. The lack of humidity will deter rats, termites, and other vermin.
  • The vapor barrier is a physical barrier between the inside of your crawl space and its walls. With high quality plastic blocking out unwanted pests, they won’t be able to use their usual holes and cracks to get in!

5. You’re Lacking Storage Space

Running out of room to store the Christmas tree or those Halloween decorations? When you encapsulate your crawl space, you’re not only fighting off moisture, but giving yourself a brand new storage space! And just like the rest of the crawl space, whatever you store here will be free from water damage and pests. Can you say the same about the attic?

Is Your Home in Need of Crawl Space Moisture Control?

If any of the above signs are an issue for you, it may be time for to install a crawl space vapor barrier. Adirondack Healthy Home has helped many families in the Albany, Hudson Valley, and Adirondack areas eliminate moisture and water from their crawl space with expertly installed crawl space ground covers. Request a quote for a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier today!